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Tips on how to enhance English vocabulary…

There are a good many ways to improve your vocabulary, but without using all those new words, you would quickly forget them. Here are a few ways in which to strengthen your command over the words you use.

1) One interesting way how to enhance English vocabulary is to simply start a blog. Because writing is an excellent method of improving one’s skill at writing and at self expression. A blog is also a good way to learn how to use all the new words you’re learning – just make sure you use them correctly, or you might look very foolish. Your blog can be about any topic under the sun – about yourself, for example, or your family, or your interests, about how you’re trying to improve your vocabulary, about what you’re doing, about what you’re not doing – about just about anything. All you need to do is add to your blog a little everyday, or a few days a week, and you’ll find that your language improves drastically.

2) If you don’t want to put your thoughts up on the Internet, how about a diary. A diary has all the advantages of a blog when it comes to improving an English vocabulary, but it also is private – and you can carry it around everywhere! Include not just your personal thoughts, but also different items from the news, for example, and try to predict future events. This way, you have a double advantage – either your English will improve, or your ability to predict the future.

3) Sign up for an everyday English lesson – this is an excellent way how to enhance English vocabulary. There are a lot of good vocabulary sites that can help you a great deal by sending you some words and their associated meanings every day or so. A good site will not only tell you the meaning of, but also how to use a word, and will explain things so that you can understand them. If you find that one site does not suit you, by all means try to find another that does. Remember though not to make this the main focus of your English enhancement, because these sites can often be too simple to too complex for your needs – use them, by all means, but if you want to really improve your english on a regular basis, a good software like ‘Ultimate Vocabulary Software’ might work better.

4) Download audio books and speech radio – this is an excellent way to learn new words, because you learn not only the new word, but also how to correctly pronounce it – the voice actors are highly trained and have excellent English and pronunciation, so they make excellent teachers of the language. There are also free sites for downloads on the net that are very good at helping to improve your English vocabulary – there’s the BBC, for example, an excellent place for language training, there’s Scientific American and, for people living in Australia, ABC Radio. And they’re all for free, so make use of them.