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Kids love online typing games. Flash games make it easy for teachers teaching typing to prepare their typing lessons for their typing classes. Continued…

Fun Typing Games

gameicons-typingadventure  Typing Adventure Level 1 TypingAdventure-VSCGameIcons-300x225  Typing Adventure Level 2
Arachnid Falls HomekeyKennys-VSCGameIcons-300x225   Numpad Kennys
Cup Stacking  TypingSpeedTest-VSCGameIcons-300x225  Typing Speed Test
TypeTypeRevolution-VSCGameIcons-300x225   Type Type Revolution QwertyWarriors-VSCGameIcons-300x225   QWERTY Warriors
Typing Practice – Animals Typing Practice – Colors
Paragraph Writing Practice  HomekeyKennys-VSCGameIcons-300x225  Homekey Kennys
TypingGhosts-VSCGameIcons-300x225   The Typing of The Ghosts Typing Monster
Typing Practice – Sports Typing Practice – States
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Kids’ typing speed and accuracy on the QWERTY keyboard increases quickly thanks to educational games that kids enjoy playing. Kids become typing experts in no time thanks to cool online typing games like QWERTY Warriors and Typing Monsters. Kids can even take a typing speed test which will check for typing accuracy as well. Elementary schools and middle schools are incorporating fun online typing games into their regular curricula as playing games, learning songs and watching videos online provides the results teachers want for their students. And best of all, kids have fun while learning!