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Ultimate Vocabulary Builder

Is there such a thing as the perfect resource with which to build your vocabulary? The answer is yes, but there are also other ways to increase your vocabulary that you may not think of as being a “tool”.

The first one is pretty straightforward – it’s called reading. Now that may sound simplistic, but in fact reading books, magazines, and newspapers introduces you to new words all the time. After all that is the aim of finding the Ultimate Vocabulary builder, to keep up to date with society, and the latest trends. New trends occur all the time, all around us, and especially in media, and communications as a new “buzzword” is invented, or a new catchphrase.

So, reading then is a good way to start learning some new words, but it may not be the Ultimate Vocabulary builder. Another method to try is starting a competition with a friend, or family member. Pick a new word each morning, discuss its meaning with your games-partner, and explore all the different aspects of the word, its synonyms (similar words), origins, and etymology (history). Through the act of discussing the word, you will build an understanding of its meaning, and also remember it better. The idea is to then use it in one or two conversations that same day…and to keep score with your playmate. This is a fun way to learn a new word, but again is not the ultimate way to build your vocabulary.

You can adopt a similar method by using ‘Flash Cards.’ Write down a new word, and its meaning on a piece of paper, or index card, and simply put it in your pocket. At various times during the day, try and recall the word in your mind. If you can’t, refer to the word on the paper/card once, and again put the word away in your pocket, or bag. By continually thinking about the word, and/or checking it with the word in your possession, you will find you begin to memorize both the word, and meaning very effectively. However, it is not exactly what you would call the ultimate vocabulary builder.

So what is?

Oddly enough, the best vocabulary builder is a software program designed for the computer called – Ultimate Vocabulary! And it’s not a false boast either, for the program comes with numerous recommendations from industry experts, and has been created by top literacy programmer’s eReflect Learning Solutions. This company has been a leading developer of educational software for the last five years, and has created a whole range of products that are highly regarded for their quality, and effective learning resources. Ultimate Vocabulary is no exception, and combines fun with solid state-of-the-art tools to ensure the task of improving vocabulary achieves lasting results within an easy to use program.

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