Using Software to Read Faster

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Using Software to Read Faster

There are many jobs out there that require you to do a lot of reading. This can be on the computer and with emails. You could have to read letters or memos. The list could go on and on. There is just a lot of reading that is required within numerous jobs. There is also reading required for schooling. At one time it was just important that you knew how to read well. But now it is important that you not only read good but read fast. Still reading fast is not enough alone. You also have to know how to comprehend and retain everything that you have read.

How can you learn how to read at a faster speed and also gain reading comprehension; by using the best reading software available on the market. There are many out there that you can choose from. But if you are looking for the best then you need the 7 Speed Reading software. Why is this the best one? First of all there is a reason why it is called 7 Speed Reading software. This software uses 7 strategies to put together the best speed reading program possible.

They realize that you not only need to be a speed reader but you also need to have comprehension. Let us tell you what the seven strategies are. The first one is very important. It is the one that teaches you how to break all of the bad reading habits that you have. You have to start fresh and you can not do this if you are using the same habits. Learning to speed read requires learning new habits. They use 15 software activities that will help you with this.

The 2nd strategy will give you personalized training with videos. There will be a instructor that will walk you through step by step. The 3rd strategy is the use of Wiki-Connect. This gives you thousands of choices of readings so that you do not have to learn with boring materials. The 4th one is the tracker. This will keep track of your progress on speed reading and reading comprehension. You will be able to tell you if you are making good progress or if there are areas you need to work on more.

The 5th strategy focuses on your eyes. It is the only speed reading product to include sections on Eye and Body health. The 6th strategy allows your whole family to use the same software. The progress of each family can be kept on track. The 7th focuses on reading comprehension. It teaches you techniques that will have you understanding and remembering all that you have read.

As you can tell the 7 Speed Reading software has it all covered. It is a complete speed reading program. With all that they give you; you would think it would cost you hundreds of dollars but the truth is you can buy this software for less then $70. It is a real steal especially since they also offer a 12 month money back guarantee.

There is no doubt that the 7 Speed Reading software is the best that there is.