Vocabulary Builder

Five Shortcuts to Vocabulary Building

In a hectic lifestyle, we take pleasure in shortcuts. We want to spend less time and learn more. Most people think that vocabulary building is time consuming. It was true a few decades ago, but now with technological advancements, you can accelerate your vocabulary building and cut down on your learning time.

  1. Get a new word in your inbox everyday. Dictionary.com has this facility. Once you sign up, you will be sent a new word in your inbox with its meaning, pronunciation, example sentences and origin. When you check your inbox, you will find a new word waiting for you there. This is the least time consuming method of vocabulary building. You don’t even have to spend time searching for a new word.
  2. Another interesting way to build vocabulary quickly is to use flash cards. Pick up a new word and write it down on a small card with its meaning. Just the word and the meaning will suffice. You don’t want to overdo it. Keep the card in your pocket. Peep at it whenever you get time. If you are a student, take care that you don’t take it to the examination hall. The teacher might not accept your explanation.
  3. Keep a pencil close at hand while reading. You can be reading a magazine, a comic, a novel or a newspaper. When you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with, circle it with the pencil and use a sticky colored page marker to bookmark the page. Later, when you have time, pick up a dictionary and look up the words you have marked. If you use a vocabulary building program such as VocabularySpellingCity you will be able to add your own words to customizable word lists with the added benefit of testing yourself on those words. The software will provide you with learning tools such as flash cards and multiple choice tests.
  4. Play word games instead of video games. This site has lots of fun word games that you can play to build your vocabulary. Or, if your prefer “offline” games, why not get together with some friends for a game of scrabble.

For children, building vocabulary is vital to their long term success. A structured vocabulary and language skills building program is important: try Time4Learning.com.