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Vocabulary building games that can strengthen your command of the language

The importance of a good vocabulary cannot be underestimated. It is something that gives one both maneuverability and power in the world of today, a means to any end. Because today literacy is the mark of an effective personality, with the amount of data that is transmitted solely through the Internet or through the written word. And of course, in speeches and conversation, even the spoken word can benefit from a good vocabulary, marking one as a complete and effective speaker. Holding this in mind, which would be the best way to develop one’s vocabulary? How about word building games?

Of course there are many methods, reading, word clubs, study groups, but one of the most pleasant is through the use of vocabulary building games that make learning new words easy and fun. Because not everyone can pick up a word through reading – there are a good many people who find reading extremely tedious and difficult, and the reason usually is that these people have an insufficient vocabulary. To tell them to force themselves to read is hardly an answer, but a good word building game will enhance their vocabularies to levels at which it becomes possible for them to enjoy books, leading to considerable further progress.

One of the best word building games are of course, crossword puzzles, which have millions of adherents worldwide. These puzzles not only enable you to build up your vocabulary but also to spend many enjoyable moments of free time. And best of all, they are compact and easily carried, which means that you can enjoy them everywhere.

Then there are vocabulary building games that are called ‘word searches’. Words form chaotic patterns on the page, and you have to pick out different words from the mix. It’s a lot of fun, and because these word games are usually centered around a single theme (‘politics’, or ‘wildlife’ – or are those two the same thing?) you can improve your vocabulary in any area that you find necessary.

And then there’s the virtually immortal scrabble, the ultimate game for building vocabulary, a game that has given hours of enjoyment to millions. The words form inter-crossing lines on a board, and you can use present words to create even new ones. This is a game that really challenges your imagination and your vocabulary. It’s great if you start a word study group and then you meet for scrabble games and use the latest words you’ve learned against each other. The spirit of competition will motivate you to keep coming up with new ones.