Vocabulary CD Programs

Choosing Your Vocabulary CD Program

Vocabulary building no longer needs to be the tedious chore it once was! Did you know that there are now extremely powerful vocabulary CD programs available that can make building your vocabulary quicker, easier and more fun than ever before?. Before choosing your Vocabulary CD, you should have an idea about your own personal learning style.

Do you learn best by vision – does it really help you to have pictures and photos to look at to bring a new word to life? Or perhaps the sound of the word is most important to you and you need to hear a new word a number of times before you feel comfortable with it?

Once you have considered your personal learning style, you should carefully evaluate the vocabulary program or programs you are considering. Here is a handy checklist you can use.

  • Does the CD include visuals?
  • How many examples of usage are there for each word? (Just one or two is rarely enough).
  • Does the program teach you how to pronounce your new word? You’ll never have the confidence to use your newfound power words unless you are sure of their correct pronunciation!
  • How comprehensive are the word lists that are included? How much research has gone into selecting words? You need words that will make a difference in your life and help you succeed, not just long words for the sake of long words.
  • Does the vocabulary CD give you customization options, so that you can tailor your study and revision time to suit you best, concentrating on the words that are most important to you?
  • Are there any additional features, for example pop-ups that can remind you of recently learned words throughout your day, or other features? In particular, do any of these features fit well with your own personal learning preferences?

Once you have identified the right vocabulary program for you, then you can really start to power through the new words that will make a difference to your career, your relationships, and your earning power.

One final thing to think about – does the Vocabulary CD you’ve chosen offer you the ability to track your progress, perhaps with user-friendly graphs? This is important as we humans are by nature goal oriented. You will find that your vocabulary building will be much easier and more successful if you are focused on a goal!

For children, Time4Learning is a great educational resource used as a homeschooling resource, after school tutoring resource, or summer school resource.