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Vocabulary Learning Resources

Businessmen, poets, police officers, kids, people with learning difficulties, foreign nationals looking to make English their second language; wherever you look someone, somewhere wants improve their English, or even learn the language from scratch to make the most of the power, diversity, and color of words.

That’s because English has become a global language, and with nearly 500,000 words in the English language at your disposal you can never know enough words – especially if you are seeking that better paid job, or looking for straight A’s in your exams. Or maybe you just simply want to move on to Cryptic crosswords, instead of the Quick & Easy variety. Whatever the reason, finding the right vocabulary learning resources is important if you are going to find learning rewarding…and at the same time enjoyable.

Let’s start at the beginning though. When we talk about a person’s vocabulary the distinction needs to be made between ‘active’ vocabulary (all the words a person knows the meanings of), and words that they simply recognize. That is, people will be able to recognize many more words than they actually know how to use. One aim of vocabulary building tools is to take those words that one merely recognizes, and start using them actively to communicate more effectively. Among the most popular vocabulary learning resources are books, videos, word lists, computer software, and word games. They all have their place as valuable assets in the quest to improve, and enhance vocabulary in their own particular ways.

But possibly the most complete, and all round of the vocabulary learning resources is computer software. Why? Because using computer software takes the best elements of other forms of learning, and combines it with the wider scope of technology to produce an all-encompassing, more satisfying, and ultimately more effective learning experience – with better results. It’s also a lot more fun!

One of the best software programs on the market is called – oddly enough – Ultimate Vocabulary. Created by top education experts eReflect Learning Solutions, Ultimate Vocabulary has everything you could wish for in your desire to learn new words, and is quite simply the best vocabulary building tool around. Packed with many attractive features, this program boasts a huge specially selected dictionary (142,647 words); 10,000 ‘ultimate’ words for everyday, and business use; 50 usage examples per word; audio pronunciations of over 20,000 words (spoken by a ‘human’ voice); a ‘personal’ tutor to guide you through the exercises/tests; a personalized progress chart updated instantly upon completion of tests; and the opportunity to create your own lists of words you want to concentrate on.

You also get to use Ultimate Vocabulary online, as Word Discovery gives you access to etymology (history/origin of words), as well Windows Messenger which can continue your learning via pop-up reminders even when you are having a surf on the net, or chatting to friends. On top of that, Ultimate Vocabulary is so simple to use – which makes it without doubt the premier choice of all the vocabulary learning resources at your disposal.