Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary List Usage & Development

The vocabulary list is a universal tool for knowledge development. Whether you use a vocabulary list for teaching or for learning, it is the cornerstone to any successful lesson plan. Vocabulary lists carry with them the theme of every lesson and allow teachers to more effectively teach.

One way to incorporate a higher level of vocabulary usage in teaching and learning is by incorporating a vocabulary software. VocabularySpellingCity provides a progressive way to build vocabulary skills for education.

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Vocabulary Lists & Young Learners

In elementary school, vocabulary lists are taught weekly to help young learners better communicate. Standardized testing success requires working knowledge of a broad vocabulary, which starts with the list. Vocabulary lists are used to teach spelling and grammar lessons. Vocabulary lists are used as the foundation of lessons in just about every imaginable subject.

As students advance into upper level schools, vocabulary lists transition from being a tool to learn basic vocabulary to being the basis from which older students learn advanced subjects. Most subjects have a vocabulary list built around each unit. For instance, I was looking at my daughter’s algebra homework, last night, which was on graphing lines.  Her vocabulary list included words and expressions such as: boundary line, constant of proportionality, direct variation, linear equation, linear inequality, point-slope from, slope intercept form, x-intercept, and y-intercept. The definitions on the vocabulary list made it possible for her to complete the lessons successfully.

Vocabulary Lists & High Stakes Testing

Vocabulary lists are used in preparation for high stakes tests. The SATs have sections dedicated to sentence completion, reading comprehension, grammar, essay writing and vocabulary usage. The GRE includes sections on verbal and analytical writing, synonyms & antonyms and analogies, all of which requiring intensive preparation with vocabulary lists.

Vocabulary Lists & Professional Development

Vocabulary lists are instrumental in the business world. Professional development courses and continuing education seminars revolve around vocabulary lists. In order to advance in one’s career, it is essential that a business person keeps up on the latest industry terminology.

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