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Vocabulary Practice Software

The language of the Mi’kmaq in eastern Canada is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Tinged with a Latin flavor, the Mi’kmaq can use just one word to describe something that takes English-speaking people several words, and a single Mi’kmaq verb can have 200 different endings. It is said there are 500,000 words in the English language. The Mi’kmaq has five times that amount. That must take some learning, and yet those born with English as their native tongue seem to struggle to learn just 20,000 words. Laziness? Teacher deficiencies? Parental neglect? Whatever the reason, learning English vocabulary is a headache for many when really it shouldn’t be. Not any more; now that computer software is around to help..

Vocabulary practice software can be easily attained, at reasonable cost, and is the perfect tool for the young student, struggling career-hopeful, or anyone in fact who wants to improve their knowledge of English words. And why not? Everyone is doing it – poets, policemen, business entrepreneurs, children, people with learning difficulties. They are all turning to technology as the best way to learn. And that’s because home study on the PC/laptop is so convenient, and easy. No pens, paper, books required. It’s all there on that keyboard, and screen..

Practicing vocabulary with software has been proven to be so popular that more, and more manufacturers are creating programs to cater for this growing educational demand. And now there are a dozen or more suppliers to choose from. Of course that does pose a small problem for the would-be vocabulary student. Which program to choose? But it soon becomes apparent that there is only one that provides the best package at the best price. That program is called Ultimate Vocabulary..

Ultimate Vocabulary beats others as the best vocabulary practice software for a whole host of reasons. The perfect program will be easy to understand, and navigate on screen. There should be a good supply of words in its database. The exercises, and testing areas need to be easy to use, and give instant feedback. There has to be a way of checking how well the student is doing with their learning. Ideally the program will incorporate plenty of audio pronunciations for the student to hear how words sound. It is helpful to have many usage examples, and provide the student with the ability to form word lists of their own. The chance to access the Internet should also be a feature of the software..

In all these areas, Ultimate Vocabulary comes out tops with flying colors. With 142,647 words in its dictionary you could come close to knowing a quarter of all the words in the English language…if you really wanted to. That would be pretty cool. And at only $67 for the entire vocabulary program (in other words there are no extras to buy as with other programs), you get everything you need for a very reasonable fee.

The English language may not be as beautiful as the Mi’kmaq’s, but with practice you can be creating a knowledge of language that is beautiful to you, and that at the end of the day is all that really matters.