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Vocabulary Software Reviews

Sometimes the most frustrating thing about surfing the Internet in search of products is trying to find a decent customer review. Not all products are listed on Amazon, or eBay, and the reviews are often very hit, and miss. And to be honest, you can’t always tell who is writing them. Are they really true customers? Or part of the company’s marketing department bigging-up their product to boost sales? You can waste a heck of lot of time reading these types of review, when really all you want to do is find an unbiased one that seems to be giving a fair appraisal.

The same dilemma applies to vocabulary software reviews. Where can you go to find a decent, honest, truthful account of a program’s merits, and flaws? Hopefully this article will help point you in the right direction, and save you that valuable time, and steer you away from that hair-wrenching vexation!

This is actually quite easy to do, because within two or three clicks you will be able to see for yourself which reviews of vocabulary software are worthy of reading, and give a clear, balanced opinion on the product they are talking about. The reviews can be found here at www.improvingvocabulary.org; www.write101.com; www.vocabulary.co.il; www.english-test.net; and www.buildingvocabulary.org.

These five vocabulary software reviews all talk about a program called Ultimate Vocabulary, and basically give it strong recommendation for a number of reasons. But as well as reviewing the software, you will also find other tips, and useful information on how to build your vocabulary through software, and other more traditional methods (reading, word games, flash cards, CDs).

As for the software reviews, you will soon find that Ultimate Vocabulary stands out from the crowd for three main reasons. Firstly, this program has an astounding 142,647 words in its in-built dictionary. That’s over a quarter of all the words in the entire English language (500,000). This means that whenever you need to look-up a word, even when you are not actually studying vocabulary, the chances are you will find it. This is very handy when writing an email, or letter, or that short story, or course work essay, or even online crossword puzzle. This program also has 10,000 ‘must-know’ words in a separate list, and 20,000 audio pronunciations to help get a handle on the sounds of words, which is a key factor when learning new words.

Secondly, these vocabulary software reviews will highlight the other special features about Ultimate Vocabulary that includes the provision of 50 usage examples per word (far more than any other vocabulary program); six different testing areas (the words, definition, spelling, synonyms, antonyms, and word recall); and an easy to read graph chart for student’s to gauge their learning development.

The third outstanding aspect of Ultimate Vocabulary, according to these reviews, is the sheer ease of use of the program, and easy-on-the-eye graphics in the on-screen layout, which all makes for a fun, and enjoyable learning experience. As all these vocabulary program reviews are quick to point out, people learn best when they are actively engaged in the process. Ultimate Vocabulary seems to nail that superbly.

But don’t take this reviewers word for it – go check it out for yourself! What are you wasting time reading this for?