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Vocabulary Tools

Sometimes the tools we need to make improvements in our life are right under our noses. But sometimes it helps to have a little outside help. When it comes to finding ways to improve our vocabulary for instance, much can be done from the most basic of methods. However, there are other tools around that will assist as you will see.

As suggested, vocabulary tools are all around you. For example, the simplest way to learn new words is simply by reading more, and then checking out the meanings of any words you come across that you are not familiar with, or maybe have forgotten the meaning of. It doesn’t matter what you read, although it helps if you are reading a novel by an author you like, or a magazine on subject that interests you.

Of course the only drawback to this method is it helps to have a dictionary with you, and no one wants to be lumbering the 1,000-page Concise Oxford English Dictionary around with them, and not all the pocket ones have all 500,000 words in the English language! One way around this is to repeat the new word several times to yourself until you can find your dictionary, or get online to use an Internet word search engine. Allied to this method of repeating words to yourself is the idea that by making the meaning of the word “personal” to you, you will foster a better understanding of that word. This is called elaboration.

Another of the vocabulary tools you could use is matter of attitude. Try approaching the task of learning new words by thinking like a child. It has been discovered that children under 10 have the capacity to learn more words in one week than the average adult can in a year! It’s not because children are more intelligent than adults – it’s because the minds of young children are so open to learning, as opposed to adults who develop resistance, and lethargy to learning once they have come of age. The trick here for adults wanting to expand vocabulary is to not be afraid to ask. The fear of appearing dumb, and stupid by asking is what puts a lot of people off doing anything new when they become “grown up.”

It’s the inquisitive nature of children that is at the heart of their open mind. But there is no reason why adults can’t be open-minded too. And in fact that is why using vocabulary building software on your home computer, or laptop is perhaps the best vocabulary tool available today as everyone enjoys using computers. Being actively engaged in a pursuit leads to an open mind, and that is generally the response of people using computers.

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