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Vocabulary training and the concept of fun…

Everyone knows why you need to have an adequate and powerful vocabulary, but lets try to think of some original ideas to help us on our way. A s everyone knows, reading is one of the best methods of vocabulary training – but if you find reading books difficult, how about comics? Comics these days are increasingly sophisticated, with complex story lines and plots, and quite an advanced vocabulary. Just be careful about which comic you choose – some are excellent, with wonderful stories and a sophisticated vocabulary, whereas others are purposely written at a very low level of vocabulary, and will hardly be of any use to you at all.

Another good reading source is entertainment guides, in which you can read about the latest movies, as well as about the theater, opera and art exhibitions. This is a very wonderful way to go about training your vocabulary. If you see something that you like, look it up on the net, where you’ll get an even more complex and comprehensive description of that movie or play that you can use to train vocabulary. And if a movie or play seems interesting enough, you can even go to see it, further improving your vocabulary.

Now, if you’re already doing all of the above, that’s the time to go in for an intensive (as in professional) course of vocabulary training in vocabulary. You’ll find several that are available locally, and you can ask around a little and see which suits you perfectly. Taking this sort of a course means that you will greatly strengthen the efforts that you’re already making. Besides, alls fair in love, war and building your vocabulary, as the ancients used to say. What I mean is that you need to use every available means to achieve your ends, and a good vocabulary course is an excellent and easily available way to improve and add a good many words to your vocabulary. Best of all, many courses come with guarantees that they will increase your vocabulary to a certain number of words – this gives both you and the people giving the course a target to aim for.

Whichever set of methods you use to train your vocabulary (and there are a good many more than I’ve mentioned here) remember that you need to be imaginative, and most important of all, enjoy whatever activity you use to improve your vocabulary. If you make training your vocabulary fun, you’ll find it much easier to be dedicated to it for the time needed to make it a success.