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Note: If you really want to take your vocabulary to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Vocabulary Software. Click here for more information

Vocabulary Training

Words were never your thing at school. But now you wish they were. You couldn’t be bothered back then, but now you are all grown-up, and working, you realize just how important words are – especially if you are looking to move on up the career ladder, or aiming for promotion. You just don’t have the word power as some of your other colleagues. Your career prospects quite frankly are grim. But you are a fighter. You are determined to do better. So what can you do about it?

You need vocabulary training, that much you know, but how do you get it? What is the best method to increase your knowledge of words? Well, if you are a computer-user, then the easiest method to build your vocabulary is through an interactive self-help tutorial such as Ultimate Vocabulary by top educationalists eReflect Learning Solutions.

Ultimate Vocabulary Software was created because the experts at eReflect saw first hand what a big difference a great vocabulary can make to someone’s life and career – no matter what position they are in. With Ultimate Vocabulary you get to learn easily how to build a powerful and impressive vocabulary that improves communication, improves writing, and will grant you instant respect and credibility in the workplace.

Loaded with easy to use exercises, and tests, this vocabulary training program has 50 examples per word to help you understand the meaning of each word, and in what context you can use it. It also has a special feature that allows you to create your own word lists, which is very handy if you have a set of work-words that you want to concentrate on. And because Ultimate Vocabulary has over 140,000 in its own built-in dictionary, you are guaranteed to find exactly the right words for you. The program will also generate an illustrated progress chart for you so you can keep tabs on your development as each test is marked, and logged.

Other features include the ability to check words online with Word Discovery, and Windows Messenger can flash-up words you are learning on-screen in real time even when you are surfing the net, or boasting to your mates how well you are doing!

Just ten minutes a day of vocabulary training is all it takes with Ultimate Vocabulary, and you could be learning up to 14 new vocabulary words in that short space of time. But maybe even 4 would do you? That is the minimum eReflect guarantee you will be able to learn every day with their program. Of course just one new word a day is a start. And if that suits you, then why not?

That’s the great thing about using this vocabulary-training package – the fact you can learn at your own pace. Even one new word a day will have you waxing lyrical with 7 a week. Your bosses won’t know what’s hit you – and if you keep that up they will be slapping you with a hearty new contract before the year is out! Happy Christmas!