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Conquering Verbs with Vocabulary is Fun

Vocabulary.co.il makes it easy for you to build your knowledge of verbs through a variety of vocabulary resources and games! We are host to wide range of verb games, verb activities, and other vocabulary resources specifically created to help you build your knowledge of the English language. Whether it is verbs, nouns, or adjectives you’re looking to improve upon, we’ve got the tools you need at vocabulary.co.il! Our extensive selection of vocabulary games isn’t just for younger students. Adults and kids alike can enjoy learning verbs and improving their vocabulary with our online games.

The Anatomy of a Verb

Verbs are one of the most important parts of the English language. The proper usage and knowledge of a variety of verbs is vital for writing and speaking. In a sentence, a verb can indicate a state of being, occurrence, or action about the subject. Often, a verb will change in tense or mood to be consistent with the subject of the sentence. Verbs are words that are “doing,” or showing what you or someone else is doing. Some examples of verbs include jump, run, read, stand, smile, explode, and sneeze.

Here are a few examples of verbs in a sentence:
Sally read the book to the class.
Tom smiled at the teacher.
Samantha will run a mile later today.

Vocabulary.co.il Verb Games and Activities

One of the best ways to improve your knowledge of verbs is to play online vocabulary games at Vocabulary is Fun! We offer a variety of vocabulary games to practice every part of your speech. Whether you’re a novice or expert at the English language, we have an online game for you! Our new MatchIt game is perfect for the individual wanting to improve on grammar, critical thinking, and vocabulary. In this fill-in-the blank matching type game, you’ll complete sentences with a variety of words in the correct tense – using verbs and sentence structure to help you find the exact word. In the Vocabulary Quiz, you’ll use sentence context to determine the meaning of a word. With over 1600 questions and 16 topics, you’ll learn a variety of vocabulary and drastically improve your knowledge of verbs. Practice SAT 1000 level words, sentence contexts, and grammar with our new SAT Game. The SAT Game is multiple choice, and is sure to prepare you for any test!

Have Fun Learning your Verbs

Playing online verb games at Vocabulary is Fun is not the only way to improve your knowledge of verbs. SpellingCity.com, Time4Writing.com, and Time4Learning.com all have a variety of resources for your learning needs!