Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary Word Usage & Development

The vocabulary word is the fundamental component of communication. No matter what your age, it is the cornerstone success in any situation. Vocabulary words carry with them the ability to effectively communicate. Developing this very basic tool will open up opportunities in other avenues of life.

One way to incorporate a higher level of vocabulary usage in your daily life is by incorporating a vocabulary software. VocabularySpellingCity provides a progressive way to build vocabulary skills for everyday life.

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Vocabulary Words & The Average person

There are between 450,000 and 616,000 vocabulary words, excluding scientific terms, currently recognized in the English language (Oxford says 616k; Webster says 450k). An average high school student has a vocabulary of 10,000 words and an average college graduate is said to know aproximately 20,000 words. Each are said to use aproximately 10% of those words on a weekly basis.

If we emphasize the importance of vocabulary words from a young age, imagine how we can grow our vocabulary word usage.

Vocabulary Words & Young Learners

In elementary school, vocabulary lists are taught weekly to help young learners better understand vocabulary words. Word lists are often theme based in order to help the young learners associate words with objects, and then later to ideas. Such approaches will help them develop their word usage later to communicate effectively.

Standardized testing success requires working knowledge of a broad word vocabulary. In most cases organized by level, standardized testing assigns a “minimum level” of working knowledge for each grade level of student to words.

As students advance into upper level schools, vocabulary words transition from being literal, to more figurative. Vocabulary words become the tool to learn advanced ideas and to put thoughts down on paper. Most subjects organize words by unit themes in the later years of school.

Vocabulary Words & High Stakes Testing

Vocabulary word preparation is vital to preparation for high stakes tests such as the SATs and GMATs. Without an extensive word vocabulary, it would not be possible to succeed. The SATs have sections dedicated to sentence completion, reading comprehension, grammar, essay writing and vocabulary usage. The GRE includes sections on verbal and analytical writing, synonyms & antonyms and analogies, all of which requiring intensive preparation with vocabulary lists.

Vocabulary Words & Professional Development

Vocabulary lists are instrumental in the business world. Professional development courses and continuing education seminars revolve around vocabulary lists. In order to advance in one’s career, it is essential that a business person keeps up on the latest industry terminology.

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