Vocabulary Flash Cards

Vocabulary Flash Cards and Games

Vocabulary flash cards are the traditional method for learning vocabulary. But today, interactive online vocabulary games are often used instead of flash cards to improve vocabulary for SAT, ACT, GRE and FCAT tests.

The interactive vocabulary games are enhanced flash cards for vocabulary. They teach and drill on vocabulary like flash cards but in an engaging, entertaining format. Being more fun than vocabulary flash cards means the online interactive vocab games are more effective at engaging and teaching than vocabulary flash cards. English speakers and English learners alike build word power with interactive vocabulary games.

An interested alert vocablulary learner is a fat vocabulary learner. Any vocabulary student will agree. Any teacher of English–or any other subject–can attest to this, and educational research confirms it: Vocabulary SAT, ACT, and GRE scores (marks) reflect this.

What about state high-stakes vocabulary exams like the FCAT and STAR vocabulary test sections? Same answer. When it comes to teaching or memorizing vocabulary, engagement equals effectiveness.

As for vocabulary for homeschool, after school and summer study, vocabulary games work especially well. Students’ motivation is particularly important outside of classrooms so the highly engaging format of interactive games is important

The Slang Game is an especially valuable tool for ESL vocab learners. It helps ESL students learn idioms in English (British or American dialects). Commonly used English in business, schools, and the media is rife with idiomatic expressions (idioms). Vocabulary games are “just the ticket!” to learn them. Games like the Slang Game are “the cat’s meow!”

Idioms are expressions where the phrase used derives from a different context and is used metaphorically in the sentence. Idioms are essential vocabulary for conversational vocab as well as test vocab purposes. This game teaches you idiom vocabulary “in a flash!”. “You card!” people will say when you flash your vocab learned in this game in conversation. Then “flash” your vocabulary smile and see if your audience is game for more vocabulary fun. Standardized tests of vocabulary will “be a breeze” once you’ve mastered these phrases of idiommatic vocabulary. You will flash by SAT, GRE, ACT and PSAT vocabulary exams.

Using vocabulary software can also help to improve your vocabulary. VocabualarySpellingCity provides a focused method for building vocabulary skills.

Are you game for vocabulary learning that’s a fast track to standarized test vocabulary success? Then get going with the vocabulary games provided online by Learning Vocabulary Fun. They will test your vocabulary mettle. And toss out those old-fashioned vocabulary flash cards.