What is the Best Speed Reading Software?

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What is the Best Speed Reading Software?

What is the best speed reading software? This is a legitimate question considering the current educational landscape is covered with various offerings. How is this question best answered? Let’s look at a few suggestions that will help us get to the answer.

Determining the best software is akin to determining the best math teacher or the best foreign language teacher. There are certain things that most people would consider before making a final judgment.

The first thing to look at is the software’s analysis tools. Anyone that wishes to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill needs to know their current level. This allows them to monitor their progress as they improve their skills. A naturally talented artist that has painted beautiful landscape portraits would not attend a class that discusses how to draw straight lines and curves. The artist’s current ability is way beyond that. In like manner you want a software that can tell you how fast you currently read and test your current level of comprehension.

Secondly, the software should set forth a plan that takes you from your current skill level and continually improves on it with gradual, planned lessons. Each new exercise and lesson should be a challenge to you that makes you try a little harder. However, it should not be so difficult that you cannot complete the lesson.

Third, you want a software that can track your progression and keep you on course to your full potential. Learning new skills is difficult if you are not reinforced with success. Success makes a user hungry for more success and encourages them to continue on with the program.

Based on these requirements there is one software that stands out as the clear leader; the 7 Speed Reading software. The 7 Speed Reading software has an excellent tool designed to assess a users current rate of reading. From this point the software lays out a progression of lessons designed to teach the user how to eliminate old reading habits and develop new habits designed for speed reading.

Not only does it lay out the lessons it also provides accompanying videos. The videos demonstrate how to use the speed reading tactics so that the user fully understands the instructions.

Finally, the tracking system included with the 7 Speed Reading software is without equal. This component of the software shows the user just how far they have come from the beginning of the program. It also keeps challenging them to push themselves harder towards the next lesson.

Getting a proven software for improving reading speed is a great investment for anyone. The 7 Speed Reading software is such a proven winner that has successfully helped many people increase their reading speed and improve comprehension.