What is the Best Speed Reading System?

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What is the Best Speed Reading System?

What is the best speed reading system? That really depends on what is slowing your reading down. There are a lot of different factors that can affect your reading speed. Environmental distractions, physical discomfort, and eye strain can slow a lot of people down. Other common problem areas include field of vision, subvocalization, mental clarity, and even posture. Some speed reading systems are geared towards people who need to reading printed materials like books and magazines. Other systems work more with those who do extensive reading on a computer screen. By identifying your needs and desires, you can work out what is the best speed reading system for you.

Do you read books often? Do you read a lot of newspapers or magazines? Do you need to read textbooks or reports? There are some speed reading systems that focus on following the text with your finger, and making lazy-s shapes on the page. This method is decades old, and has helped a lot of people increase their reading speed. However, this finger-following method is limited to printed material. The design of glass computer screens makes the finger-following method difficult and unhelpful, and liquid crystal flat screens could actually be damaged by touch. Modern tablet devices and smart phones interpret finger-touching as input, and are certainly not suited to the finger-following system. If you do most or all of your reading on a screen, you will need to find a different speed reading system.

A slow reader usually reads around 200 words a minute, maybe a paragraph on a regular page of text. A naturally fast reader can do 600 words a minute or even more. People who practice speed reading regularly can read more than 1,000 words a minute. This should give you an idea of which speed reading systems are legitimate. There is simply no way a human can read thousands of words per minute, much less understand or remember anything they supposedly read. When considering different speed reading systems, be aware that anything that promises superhuman reading speeds is a scam. This type of system has even been disproved by NASA, don’t be fooled.

Most speed reading systems only focus on one or two areas of improvement. A lot of systems involve widening the field of vision. This allows a person to take in more words at a time without moving their eyes. Expanding the field of vision can help a lot of people read faster, however it is only one aspect of reading speed. If you believe that a narrow field of vision is all that is keeping you from reading over 600 words a minute, try one this type of system. If you can’t identify the areas of reading that give you difficulty, you may want to try a system that address more than just your field of vision.

Every speed reading method claims to be amazing, but what is the best speed reading system for you? The best system is the one that you will stick with and use on a regular basis. If you have trouble with self motivation, consistent practice, and boredom, look for a software program that addresses these issues. Some programs address several areas, track your progress, tailor exercises to your own level, and also allow you to read what you want.