What is the Best-Spelling Software?

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Note: If you really want to take your (or your child’s) spelling to the next level, we highly recommend that you check out the popular Ultimate Spelling Software. Click here for more information

What is the Best-Spelling Software?

There are many spelling software programs in the market today. When you purchase a program, you definitely want the best results for you money. You want the best software that money can buy. Your child’s educational success could be based on the spelling resources that you buy.

Without a doubt, the best, spelling software is the Ultimate Spelling Software. It was planned and created by educational and software experts to be the essential “must-have”, exciting, spelling instructional aid.

What is So Great about the Ultimate Spelling Software

  • It can be easily tailored to fit the needs of any speller, regardless of age or academic level. One size does not fit all, and this thought was kept in mind when the designers created a system that allows you to create your own database of spelling words.
  • The Ultimate Spelling Software system is fun and engaging. Struggling spellers learn through exciting, interactive activities such as word rhymes, dictation assessments (featuring the program’s human voice as the teacher), and quick drills.
  • It allows parents to quickly check their child’s performance through visual representations as well as reports. Drill and test scores are maintained in a database that can effortlessly be retrieved by parents.
  • The Ultimate Spelling Software system verifies your child’s progress by not allowing the child to move on to the next stage of the program until each word in a batch has been correctly spelled.
  • The software is designed to increase spelling scores in a short period of time and to continue to build upon a student’s spelling strengths.
  • The program gives positive recognition to the child even when the performance is less than desired. This feedback is immediate and even explains the errors to the user and allows him or her to make the necessary corrections. Quick and relevant feedback is strong motivation for a child to continue learning.
  • The Ultimate Spelling Software system comes pre-loaded with over 100 spelling lists. Each grade, from 1 to 10, contains several lists.
  • The built-in dictionary and thesaurus contains almost 150,000 words with clarifying examples for each term.
  • The software program also provides a visual representation of the words and identifies the part of speech each time a word is used.
  • The Ultimate Spelling Software program is relatively inexpensive, much less than what you would pay for a private spelling tutor, an estimated $75 per hour when you can get the entire Ultimate Spelling program for less than an hour of private tutoring.
  • The spelling tool is also very user friendly and requires at the least, very minimal support for installation.
  • Users can be set up and ready to go within five or ten minutes of product purchase.

There are of course other attributes that make the Ultimate Spelling Software program the best spelling software on the market. Each year, the system is ranked as one of the top spelling systems in the educational resource industry today. It is praised by teachers, parents, and current customers more than any other spelling bundle.