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What Is The Best Spelling Software

Whether you are a parent looking to help your child improve their spelling because they are struggling in school, or an adult looking to improve their written English in the search for better employment, one fact is clear: don’t delay, do it today!

Learning to improve ones spelling is vital in today’s world of fast communication, and competition in the work place. After all that is why we teach children to read in the first place, because it is one of the most important life-skills we need in order to get on in the world.

And with computers, and the Internet now coming almost as standard as having a TV in the home, there has never been a better medium for helping people in their quest for better-written English thanks to a vast array of software programs available for purchase on CD, or as immediate download via the Internet.

The best spelling improvement software should feature key elements to make the task instructive, rewarding, and fun. The traditional school-learning method of repetitively going over the same word lists over, and over again becomes awfully tedious from day-to-day, and takes a lot of mental effort for both parent, and child to actually persevere with it, so anything that makes the process more enjoyable has to be a good thing for morale, and ease of use.

A good program should also feature as many words of varying difficulty as possible to provide the best challenge to students, as well as have some sort of function for monitoring the progress of the user as they work their way through the exercises.

With schoolchildren in mind, the best programs should also contain ready-made lists of words that are relevant to the different school-structured age groups.

There are six top programs one could choose, but the best in this reviewer’s opinion has to be Ultimate Spelling because it ticks all the right boxes as far as the aspects of a good program are concerned, as described above.

For one thing Ultimate Spelling comes from top educational software firm eReflect, who have been producing excellent quality highly instructive programs since 2006.

Steeped in expertise, the Ultimate Spelling program has been perfectly designed to be both great to use, as well as brilliant fun. Unlike other software programs, the layout, and graphics in Ultimate Spelling is plain, and simple, cutting out all the fussiness, and over-use of icons, and flashy colors, which makes it far more easy to use, allowing the student to focus on the tasks, rather than being distracted by unwanted things on the screen that invade their peripheral vision.

Ultimate Spelling has 100 pre-coded word lists specifically geared for schoolchildren in Grades 1-10, with 10 lists per Grade in staggered levels of difficulty, and has a huge 142,647 word dictionary/thesaurus for more advanced users, which is ideal for adults, and university students.

The in-built personalized graph continually monitors the users progress, and best of all the student is not allowed to move on to the next word until they successfully spelled the one they are working on at least once. On the flip side, Ultimate Spelling also refuses to go back over words that the student already knows, thus preventing any waste of time.

For young, and old, Ultimate Spelling is the Ultimate Spelling improvement program.