Why Is Learning To Spell Important?

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Why Is Learning To Spell Important?

Learning to spell is important because having the ability to spell correctly adds so much to ones life, especially when it comes to entering the jobs market for the first time where completing application forms correctly, and writing decent résumé’s is so vital in the effort to make a good impression. For example, it was reported recently that employers because of bad spelling rejected the vast majority of 1,000 job applications submitted by graduates.

Young people need to be able to read, and write to a reasonable standard, and that usually involves having pretty decent spelling skills. Reading, writing, and spelling are important in the first place because it all helps children to develop good levels of literacy. Without that, they won’t be able to complete school coursework satisfactorily, and end of year exams will be failed. Obtaining good grades in exams, especially towards the end of a person’s school life is crucial if they are looking to go on to college, or university before entering the employment market.

So, as you can see, spelling is as important as being able to read, and write.

Obviously, the prime time for learning is during childhood, and most achieve a reasonable level of spelling to help their overall literacy. But it is perhaps surprising that many adults have very poor spelling. In fact a staggering 48.7% of the adult US population has literacy rates below the poverty line.

Although not proven, there have been concerns in recent years that the rise of text messaging, and “chatspeak” in emails could lead to a decrease in literacy as abbreviations become commonly used by children. Opinions differ on this alarming possibility. Some research suggests this may not necessarily be true, but other studies have indicated that in some cases it is cause for concern.

Despite this, every parent, and every schoolteacher knows that being able to spell properly is a fundamental skill that young people must grasp as soon as they enter education, although if they can start learning before they enter the classroom so much the better.

But as every parent, and teacher also knows learning western spelling (commonly referred to as Queens English) is fiendishly difficult for most children in the early stages as the spelling “rules and regulations” are often complex, and make little sense to the sounds some words make. Practice needs to be done regularly, every day in fact, if children are to get a good head start with spelling, and indeed “get their head round” the complexities.

The bog standard method is to have a parent/teacher repetitively read words out for children to then attempt to spell. It works, but is a slow, and extremely tedious, boring way of learning to spell. Word games like Hangman, and Scrabble are more fun, and engaging. But even they can wear thin.

But there is now a far better option available that makes learning to spell constructive, effective, and fun, and that is spelling tutorials for the home PC, or laptop. Programs such as Ultimate Spelling are very good because they are easy to use, and as every parent/teacher knows kids love playing on computers.