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Why Spelling Programs For Children Help

Spelling programs for the computer provide the ideal help for children who need to improve their literacy skills. As many parents will know getting their children to learn at home isn’t always easy at the best of times, but when it comes to practicing spelling, the task seems to be extra daunting. This is mainly because it is so boring, and usually requires the help of a parent/adult to assist.

The age-old method of having someone read out words while the child writes the word down the way they think it should be spelled is effective certainly. But this relies on the child being very focused during the exercise, as well as enthusiasm from the person doing the reading of the words. When neither is quite on song, the whole process just ends up being a drag.

Word games help solve this problem to a degree, yet playing Scrabble, or Hangman, or Boggle for instance has its limitations too once the game has been played a few times. The problem is children need to be actively engaged if they are going to learn consistently. Just think back to when you were a child. Why did you like some subjects better than others? You were either very interested in the subject, and/or liked the teacher. If the subject didn’t grab you, you found it hard to get engaged with it. Likewise if you found the teacher to be irritating.

That’s the beauty of computers. Everyone loves them…especially children. Like televisions are to be found in the majority of homes these days, so are computers. And wherever there is a computer there you will also find a child. Try keeping them off!

That’s why educational computer programs are the ideal tools for children to use during their education because they can become actively engaged with their studies with a medium that they enjoy using.

Spelling programs are no exception, and have been found to help children all over the world. Programs such as Ultimate Spelling are highly successful in helping children overcome those sometimes-difficult concepts in spelling, as well as being the perfect format for practicing spelling.

In Ultimate Spelling for instance, you get three types of exercise that help with understanding how words are spelled by sound, definition, and “fusion” (the way words are constructed). There are also over 20,000 audible words (spoken by a human voice) so that students can hear pronunciation, as well as see how the words look. This is a great asset, as is the database of 100 word lists that schoolchildren will be working on from Grades 1-10, with 10 lists per grade. There is also a function that allows users of the program to compile their own lists if they have specific words they need to master.

Ultimate Spelling is also interactive so that the eager spelling enthusiast can access Word Discovery online to obtain extra information on the origin of words, and how they were formed in years gone by. Also, users of this program can surf the web, listen to music, or chat to friends, and still check on their spelling thanks to handy Windows Messenger pop-ups.

These are the main features of a good spelling program, which is why Ultimate Spelling will be helping hundreds of children with their spelling in years to come.