Why You Should Improve Your Spelling

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Why You Should Improve Your Spelling

The answer to the question, “Why You Should Improve Your Spelling?” is simple; the ability to spell well is directly linked to overall literacy, and this is important because those members of society who are illiterate have been found to have poor standards of living, which is not only tragic for them, but leads to reliance on the state, which in turn affects the general economy, and wealth of a country.

In the aftermath of the American Civil War anyone who wanted to vote had to be able to complete the simple act of signing their name to prove their literacy. But over 200 years on, and the term “literacy” mean so much more than it did then.

Today, the United Nations defines someone who is literate as being able to read, and write, with comprehension, “a short, simple statement” related to his, or her, daily life. By all accounts, most people can do this, however around 16% of the world’s adult population is still said to be illiterate. That’s a staggering 776 million grown-ups. And that all stems from poor childhood education say the UN, which results in many people leaving school without even basic literacy, and numeric skills.

In today’s modern world being truly literate means having the ability to process all sorts of different information, basically anything that comes in written “texts” in whatever form it appears – books, emails, textbooks, memos, magazines, packaging, manuals, mobile texts, faxes, policies, the list is endless.

And without the ability to spell, you will be left dead in the social water when processing, and comprehending these different kinds of information. More importantly, without a decent command of spelling the chances of landing a good job are dramatically shortened. A study in 2003 discovered that out of 1,000 job applications made by graduates, employers on the grounds of bad spelling, and grammar turned down the vast majority.

Yet remarkably, the British Government in its infinite wisdom in 2004 instructed school examiners at secondary level to “ignore” spelling mistakes in one test of 14 year-olds in a political move to up pass marks. This was derided at the time, and doesn’t say much for politicians, does it?

So, in the spirit of ignorance it seems advisable to dismiss such scant regard for spelling from those in authority, and concentrate on what is best for you. Besides, imagine if you were one of those 14 year olds with bad spelling skills as a result of government intervention, who goes on to have children a few years later, and finds they are unable to help with their children when it comes to teaching them to spell. It would be wrong.

Whether you are a child struggling with learning to spell, or an adult thinking about improving their spelling skills, the thing to remember is whatever you do, just do it. Don’t put it off.

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