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Word Power

The power of words is well known to many people. But learning new ones is not always easy. In Shakespeare’s time there were around 100,000 words in circulation in the English language. Now there are over 500,000!

It’s a fact; having word power gets you noticed. And that may explain why people are now starting to look for ways to improve the words in their vocabulary, not only for everyday use, but also in their efforts to get ahead at work, or increase their chances of educational success, or simply tackle harder crosswords, and win more games of Scrabble!

Possessing an interesting, diverse, and colorful set of words is empowering in many ways, just as being able to spell well is, or read faster than normal can give you an edge. It’s all part of being literate, and making the most of our human potential. But how does one go about obtaining powerful words?

One very good option is through Ultimate Vocabulary, a new software program from education specialist’s eReflect. Steeped in knowledge about literacy, eReflect have been designing quality software especially geared for the everyday computer user since 2006, and now offer this easy way to boost your knowledge, and understanding, and develop ways to obtain word power.

ou don’t get all 500,000 words currently in use in the English language – but you do get an impressive 142,647, with 10,000 of those being in a special “ultimate word” list giving you an incredibly exciting new, and vast vocabulary in an easy-to-learn computer package.

Using a variety of exercises, eReflect’s Word Discover system quickly gets you learning, and practicing the use of new words. It does this by giving you 50 word-usage examples, word history, visual word explorer, encyclopedia information, and images for every word it has in its database. It is thus very effective, and you’ll know you will be acquiring word power as you begin to get better scores in Ultimate Vocabulary‘s wide range of tests, which are detailed in the personalized monitoring graph that highlights the users progress.

What’s more, as you complete the tests you’ll be reinforcing your knowledge of your new powerful vocabulary. Each test is customized based on the words you have mastered so you won’t have to waste time learning words you already know. There are six powerful tests to get you primed: Word test, Definition test, Synonym test, Antonym test, Word Recall, and Spelling Test. Use Ultimate Vocabulary and you will be learning 4-14 new words a day.

It’s worth pointing out the effectiveness of word power. For instance, someone can have a great idea for a product, or a fantastic concept and they will be successful if they can get the right words in their marketing. But if the words are wrong, that factory of the year’s next best thing will stay full.

As Sigmund Freud once remarked: "Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; they can transfer knowledge from teacher to student; words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decision. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men’s actions."