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Word Smart Review

This page contains a review of the Word Smart Vocabulary Building Software and compares it to other products.


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On first impressions WordSmart may be interesting and fun as it functions mostly as a kind of vocabulary game. However, after about 10 minutes using WordSmart we became a little bored as the novelty wore off. The main problem with WordSmart is that it lacks the depth of words needed to really improve your vocabulary. With only 400 words it fell drastically short to both the Ultimate Vocabulary and Power Vocabulary Builder.

For students and people who want to learn vocabulary for business it just won't be enough. This software is more like a quick self improvement tool, and not targeted for serious users who really want to improve their vocabulary.  Unfortunately WordSmart’s price tag of $200 does not reflect its sophistication or value.  Another criticism is that some of the words in the program really didn’t seem to be good examples of powerful vocabulary words.  Words like “carboy” meaning bottle and “buckroy” meaning coarse cloth, seem more like random selections rather than strategic, intelligent words that will really improve your vocabulary.

On the plus side the multimedia features and games are well integrated and the interface is easy to navigate through.  The asteroid based game is particularly well put together and fun.  If you’re looking for a fun basic vocabulary game to fill in time or for something that will entertain kids, then WordSmart might be for you.  One other benefit of WordSmart is that it runs on both Mac's and Windows PC's and this is not the case for the other programs reviewed

Overall Verdict of WordSmart:

While the program is not for serious educational use, or for people who really want to learn as much as they can, it can be somewhat useful if you are willing to pay it's price and get a list of words to focus on. It's not a bad piece of software but it’s certainly not for everyone, as its average price of $200 is too much for what this small tool can deliver.

Pros:  PC and Mac compatible, good multimedia features and fun games, highly visual interface, some usage examples

  Comparatively poor value for money ($200), limited word database, some random words in core word database.

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