You Can Increase Your Reading Speed, Fast!

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You Can Increase Your Reading Speed, Fast!

Do you want to increase your reading speed fast? Don’t get sucked into buying some incredibly expensive software, or forking over hundreds of dollars for a seminar, without doing some research first. There are a few simple ways of naturally increasing your reading speed without putting in a whole lot of effort. First, make sure you are physically comfortable. That means a temperature, location, and physical position that you can stay in for a while. Pick a reading spot that isn’t too distracting or loud, maybe a library or a park or a bedroom. Next, make sure the lighting is good, it shouldn’t be too dark, and it shouldn’t be so light you get glare.

Still reading slower than you want to? You may want to consider some reading software. This is generally both cheaper and more effective than a seminar or class, because reading speed is basically a skill. To improve any skill, you need to practice. Regular daily practice is the best way to improve your reading speed, and there are speed reading software programs that can really help. Some of these programs are geared towards helping you do one thing, like expand your field of vision. Some programs also help you stop reading all the words out loud inside your head. You read faster when your brain doesn’t have to say them all.

Before you buy a software program, check out the ones that are out there and make sure you get one that will meet your needs. Are you the only person in your house or office that wants to increase your reading speed fast? Some software is designed for more than one person to use. Do you know which areas of your reading need to improve? Do you know how to improve those areas? If you are the type of person that gets bored easily, or you have trouble motivating yourself to do boring things, you probably want to look for a program that has more than just a one-size-fits-all approach to speed reading. Are you the type of person that can easily self-analyze your own strengths and weaknesses? Are you effective at reliably charting your own progress and identifying speed readingyour problem areas? If you do better with outside evaluation and tracking of your progress, you may want to purchase a more advanced program.

One more consideration when picking out a program to increase your reading speed fast, is reading material. Try to find a program that uses a lot of different books or other texts. A lot of speed reading software just has a few classics because those books are in the public domain. This will work for some people, but others will get bored easily when reading Little Women or Moby Dick while practicing. Usually when you get bored you lose motivation, so try to find a program that uses things you actually want to read.

There is a whole lot of speed reading software on the market, and all of it claims to help you increase your reading speed fast. However, a program is only helpful if you will actually use it.