You Can Learn to Read Faster

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You Can Learn to Read Faster

In order to get ahead in the working world, or improve academic performance, it often helps to learn to read faster. If you are already a fast reader, it will probably take time and money to noticeably increase you reading speed. However, it is probably worth the effort. When you increase your reading speed, you can study faster, read training manuals and directions faster, and get information from newspapers and websites at a much faster rate than other employees or students. The internet is an important part of daily life for most people in the modern world. As the internet becomes more important, so does reading speed.

You can increase your reading speed by reducing the amount that you subvocalize. This means reading the words out loud inside your head. When your brain does not have to pronounce each word, you will be able to absorb text much faster. Most people read faster silently, and slower when they read out loud. Eliminating subvocalization is the next step in this chain.

Reading faster boosts comprehension, allowing you to understand what you are reading better, and remember it at the same time. There have been several different studies that observed that people who were told to read faster had better comprehension. This happens because most people try to understand one word or sentence at a time. The text will make a lot more sense if you try to get the whole idea at once, rather than piecing it together in fragments.

When you increase you reading speed too much at a time, you can loose comprehension. Much of what you read will not make sense. It is important to keep checking your comprehension as you learn to read faster, to make sure you aren’t reading too fast for your brain. Be very suspicious of any speed reading program that promises near-instant results or absurd gains in reading speed. Most really fast readers don’t read more than 1,000 words per minute. Anything significantly faster than that results in very low comprehension.

The best way to learn to read faster is to practice. This can be difficult for many people, because they get distracted by the reading material and forget to work on speed. Practicing with a partner or computer program can help a lot with this area. There are some software programs that even provide guided practice sessions that help the user enjoy reading while still working consistently to improve speed. Consistent and focused daily practice is the most important part of developing any skill.

While you develop this mental skill try not to neglect the physical side of it. A comfortable reading area with minimal distractions can help naturally boost reading speed, as well as make practice more enjoyable. A comfortable sitting position and good lighting can help prevent your eyes or muscles from becoming strained. Finally, good reading material is essential if you really want to learn to read faster. If you are practicing speed reading on your computer, try to find software that includes reading material that interests you.