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Best Tool To Learn English Vocabulary

Books, websites, videos, CDs, DVDs, word games, dictionaries, teachers, tutors, and who knows maybe candlestick makers in their spare time volunteering their services as an English specialist for overseas students of the language. Basically, there are many ways to learn, and improve your English vocabulary, and you can now even get SMS ‘word for the day’ messages on your mobile/cell phone.

But there is one other method not in that list – computer software – and it has been deliberately left off the list because many people are finding it the best tool to learn English vocabulary. Hence, it deserves special attention.

A good example of a successful computer program is Ultimate Vocabulary

Created by eReflect Learning Solutions, Ultimate Vocabulary is a program highly recommended by a number of leading English language specialists. The name pops up everywhere you look on the Internet, but that is no surprise given its reputation as one of the best English vocabulary tools.

Ultimate Vocabulary was designed in 2006 by Marc Slater, director of eReflect. In a recent interview, Marc explained that he hit upon the idea of creating the software because he was disappointed with the other tools that were available to him at the time. Although attempting to use books, and audio courses, Marc found that his vocabulary was hardly improving, at least not as much as he had hoped, and desired. Having then scoured the Internet for some software, Marc discovered there was a huge hole in provision, and Ultimate Vocabulary was soon born. Four years on and Ultimate Vocabulary has become the best tool to learn English vocabulary with.

Marc believes an improved vocabulary is one of the best “self improvements” one can make as it leads to better self-expression, and communication in the workplace, as well as being socially rewarding. It follows then that career prospects are boosted, and peer-respect is increased. This philosophy extends to a deeper reason for improving English vocabulary, and seems ridiculously simple when you think about it. According to studies in psychology, and language, human thought patterns rely heavily on vocabulary, for whenever you try to solve a problem you will find you are doing it in words. The problem comes if your vocabulary is small, as you will only be able to solve the smallest of problems. The more words at your disposal, the more able you will be to solve the more difficult problems that arise in the hurly-burly of this modern world. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So say hello to Ultimate Vocabulary. The definitive software package specially designed for everyone to use. It features a mega-dictionary of nearly 150,000 words, has 10,000 ‘ultimate words,’ and comes with access to 50 usage examples per word. There are also 20,000 audio pronunciations, easy to use tests, and exercises, and a customized graph chart to monitor your learning progress. You also get full interactive functions that make it the best tool to learn English vocabulary.

Not convinced? Then for only $67 why not give it a go…and get a full refund if not satisfied. You have nothing to lose – except gaining knowledge of some new words.