Fifth Grade Vocabulary Games

Fifth Grade Vocabulary Learning Games

As they prepare to transition to middle school, fifth graders enjoy reinforcing their regular vocabulary lessons with entertaining learning games that not only teach continued…

Parts of Speech Games

Bridge to Terabithia: Parts of Speech Elementary Adjective Antonyms
Elementary Adjective Synonyms Pronoun, Proper, Singular, Plural
Story Blanks: Create A Story Waiting For The Fun To Start!

Compound Word Games

Break It Up: Compound Words Compound Word Match – Jobs
Compound Word Match – Nature Compound Words Match – Sports
Make a Compound Word Enjoy The Games!

Contraction Games

3rd-5th Contraction Memory Match Fill It In: Contraction Game
Fill It In: Un-Contraction Game Pick the Correct Contraction
Where Does the Apostrophe Go? Playing Some Great Games & Learning Too!

Syllable Games

Break Them Up: Science Syllables Syllables: Bridge to Terabithia
Tom Sawyer Syllables Game Keeping One Eye Open On Some Great Online Games!

Analogies Games

Elementary Analogy Game More Analogies Games Coming Soon

Context and Definition Games

Bridge to Terabithia Context Game Bridge to Terabithia Vocabulary
Intermediate Word Search A-C Intermediate Word Search D-F
Intermediate Word Search G-I Science Word Definition Game
Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Context Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Game

Antonym Games

Elementary: Antonym or Synonym? Intermediate Adjective Antonyms

Synonym Games

Bridge To Terabithia – Synonym Pick Elementary: Find the Synonym
Elementary: Synonym or Antonym? Intermediate Adjective Synonyms

Suffix Word Games

Elementary Suffix Meaning More Suffix Word Games Coming Soon

Prefix Word Games

Elementary Prefix Meaning More Prefix Word Games Coming Soon

Root Word Games

Dividing Root Words Root Word Meaning Match

Homophone Word Games

3rd-5th Homophone Definitions Elementary Homophones Game
Homophone Match: Two, To Too Homophones: pole, poll
Homophones: axle, axel Homophones: beat, beet
Homophones: heal, heel Homophones: lead, led
Homophones: peace, piece Homophones: red, read
Homophones: right, write Homophones: role, roll
Homophones: sale, sail Homophones: soul, sole
Homophones: your, you’re Enjoy The Games!

Spelling Games

3-5 Grade Word Builder Bridge to Terabithia Spelling Game
Spell Tom Sawyer Vocabulary Words Unscramble and Spell Science Words

Foreign Language Games

Abbreviation Match Game Common Foreign Phrase Meaning
English Word Recognition Game Fill It In: English Spanish Vocabulary
French and English Word Match German and English Word Match
Latin Abbreviation Game Latin-English Matching Game
Latin-English Word Match Literal Latin Memory Game
Math Match – Spanish and English Spanish English Word Match
Spanish Word English Definition Spanish/English Color Match

Word Play

8 Letters in Search of a Word Clueless Crossword Puzzle
Hang Mouse Word Game Hig Pig Word Game
Higgy Piggy Word Game Match and Make: Oxymorons
Primary Alphabetizing Game Unscramble the Words
Word Search Game Waiting For Some Friends To Play Fun Online Games With!

Idioms Games

Animal Slang Game Feelings Slang Game
Food Slang Game Idioms Game – Slang Game
Money Slang Game More Idioms Game

them new words in Language Arts but also develop their interest in learning. Practicing vocabulary concepts in a fun way ensures that students acquire new Language Arts skills all the while setting the stage for a lifetime of learning appreciation.

Because vocabulary acquisition plays such and important role in the creation of fifth grade writing standards, parents can be more effective in helping their children meet literacy goals by introducing them to quality online vocabulary games. The fifth grade vocabulary building curriculum can incorporate online vocabulary games that help students master new and effective vocabulary strategies within the context of reading comprehension exercises including fifth grade math vocabulary games, fifth grade science vocabulary games, fifth grade literature games and other fifth grade vocabulary word lists. These combine to reinforce concepts previously acquired (such as syllables, compound words and contractions) as well as newer material like root words, suffixes, prefixes and homophones. Finally, you can use or create printable worksheets to help your fifth grade student excel.