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Ultimate Vocabulary 2007 offers features which will suit a wide range of people from students preparing for entry level exams to business professionals and those with an avid interest in vocabulary.


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Ultimate Vocabulary has a highly intuitive and visually appealing user interface. From the moment you launch the program you will see it has an attractive professional graphics theme – finding your way around this program is effortless and the interface is by far the best we’ve seen. In a couple of minutes you will know where everything is and understand how to navigate your way around.

But what really separates this program from any other similar vocabulary software, is the extensive word breadth. It has over 140,000 words in its database; many more than the 2200 in Power Vocabulary Builder or the mere 400 in WordSmart.

Ultimate Vocabulary provides advanced options for customization and is the most learner friendly software. The program offers you structured vocabulary building using ten levels. What we like most about the program, is that it really helps you to learn the words through a great variety of exercises including Flash Cards, Synonyms, Antonyms, Multiple Choice and Word Recall Tests which are all very intuitive and useful.  With Ultimate Vocabulary you can be confident that you will really improve your vocabulary. This is also reflected in the Learning Curve tool that tracks your vocabulary progress.

Ultimate Vocabulary has advanced learning and customization

Another unique benefit of Ultimate Vocabulary (which really made it stand out from the rest) is that you can compile your very own custom word lists. Just say you are reading a new book and find 10 new words that you’d really like to learn.  Ultimate Vocabulary will let you look up the meaning of these words and create your very own custom word list. You can then use the built in testing tools such as Multiple Choice Tests, Flash Cards etc. to learn your new words.  This really is a huge benefit as the program has the flexibility to adjust its inbuilt learning tools to your own words.

Ultimate Vocabulary is the most diverse and flexible of the programs reviewed and will suit a wide range of different people – it can even be setup for multiple users which would suit educational institutions. The 140, 000 word database also serves also as a dictionary in which every single word is explained in great detail. It also has some impressive and useful features, like a link to the Wikipedia and a Word Explorer that shows visual links to other words.  Another great tool is the 50 Power Word examples which show you 50 real usage examples gathered from the web.

The program has a 90 day money back guarantee but once you use it there is really no point in going back as this is the best vocabulary software you can get.  Although only available on PC,  it is the best value for money and it definitely outperforms the competing vocabulary tools.

Ultimate Vocabulary guarantees that you can build a powerful vocabulary by using their program for 10 minutes a day over one month.  We think this would be quite possible because of the educational learning tools such as Flash Cards and Multiple Choice Tests provided. There is also a good memory feature called Word Messenger which you can use to remind you of new words on your computer even when you’re not using the program. After using Ultimate Vocabulary, I’ve decided to leave it on my computer so it can serve me both as a dictionary and as a learning tool.

Overall Verdict of Ultimate Vocabulary:

We recommend Ultimate Vocabulary as the best vocabulary software on the market today:  It is visually appealing, has a solid word database and offers an advanced learning framework with extensive usage examples and testing methods. Ultimately it lets you create your own word lists and test yourself through various educational strategies. With a price tag of only $67 it is the best value for money. It has a professional touch and will suit many people of various ages, professions and English language abilities.  We rate this program as an advanced educational software tool that is exceptional value for money.

Pros:  High quality core vocabulary words, Most advanced educational tools (Flash Cards, Word Tests, Mastered words, Synonyms and Antonyms tests), Dictionary, Excellent customization(can add own words with ease), Extensive usage examples (50), added web features (Word Explorer, Wikipedia, Etymology), Flexible and suitable for wide range of people, Best value for money ($67)

  Only PC compatible (not Mac)

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